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Saint Anthony

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Information: I joined S.E.I.P.S. because I've always been intrigued by anything paranormal. I love hearing stories of wild, and sometimes outrageous, things that people have been going through, and I love to help where I can.

I have faint memories from when I was just a tot, talking to and playing with my papa who actually died before I was born. One night during a thunderstorm, I vividly remember putting my arm around this man next to me and saying, "Papa, stop being so silly. It is just a thunderstorm and it can't hurt us if we stay inside." At the time I didn't think anything of it. My mom will also tell stories of how my older sisters would be scared of noises in the house and mom specifically told them that the house was old and just settling. Then I looked up and said, "Mom, it's not the house, it's Papa just making sure we're safe."

Now as I've gotten older, experiences don't seem quite as common as when I was younger. Maybe because as I have aged my attentions to the paranormal activities have been put aside as I focus on other things in my life. I hope that being part of S.E.I.P.S. will help me re-open that part of my life.


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