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Information: My name is Heidi. I have experienced things in my life that have led me to believe that beings with no body (either have had or will have, or will never have) do exist and interact with us with bodies on a daily basis. I have also had enough experiences to know that what most people think of as that interaction is easily explained by something very natural and common in the world around them.

I have always been very scientifically minded. I want to help people put their minds at ease about what goes on in this world and the science behind it.

I grew up in a very small "ville" (that's smaller than a town the closest mall was 20min away and we had 1 high school for the entire county) on the eastern shore of Maryland and moved to Idaho because I love the cold and snow. I have a B.S. in Mathematics and think calculus is a great sport. Through my college years I tutored all levels of math and now I work retail. So I know how to talk with people and am not afraid of tinkering around on a computer. I am excited about this chance to use some of the skills I have to help other and explain the unexplained.


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