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Information: Crystal is originally from Dallas, Texas and moved to Rexburg to attend school. Since then she has married her one true love, had a lovely daughter, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Professional Writing.

Crystal got the idea for S.E.I.P.S. from her favorite television show, Ghost Hunters. After she entered the “Hunt for the Hunter” contest and had her video rejected, she decided to start a group of her own here in southeastern Idaho. When her husband gave her an EMF detector, K2 meter, and other ghost hunting equipment for Christmas, Crystal felt she was ready for business.

Having experienced paranormal phenomenon as a child, Crystal desires to help those (especially young children) who are being mentally tormented by what they believe to be an unseen visitor. However, her experiences as well as Ghost Hunters have given her a more scientific mind when in comes to unraveling the mystery.

Crystal is strictly against any form of investigation that is not scientific and relies solely on physical proof for evidence of a haunting.


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