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Information: As a child I had a few paranormal experiences that lead me to find books on 'monsters', 'UFOs' and ghosts ... pretty much reading everything I could. For many years there were no more occurrences. My wife has also had a few experiences throughout her life, and is sensitive to environments and people. Popular shows like Ghosthunters and Destination Truth have revived an interest that we had suppressed since our kids were born. Now that they are older we feel comfortable pursuing this field of interest.

I would have to say I am very interested in the scientific data that can be attained by proper procedures and equipment. I am already a believer , but would still be open minded and technologically fascinated to the facts & evidence. I believe most things can be explained, but I'm always excited to see anything to the contrary. My main paranormal fascination is with crypto zoology, but I would love to learn more about other paranormal fields.

I am currently a Healthcare provider for disabled family members. Married for 15 years with 3 children. I have competed in amateur sports such as a semipro football and sumo wrestling. My family and I do lots of volunteer work in our community during the Christmas season, helping get toys to kids, and pretty much help anyone that we can.

I have worked as a test driver, in ustomer service, as a tech support and in healthcare over the past 20 years. During that time I have developed skills in scientific noting, dealing with various personalities, troubleshooting & repairing in various components and fields, and researching issues.

I have always enjoyed science. I loved biology. I think thats why crypto zoology is so interesting to me. I think this is a great opportunity to learn and use my skills to help other people who are concerned, scared, or just fascinated with occurrences at their locations. I want to be able to become a good investigator and help those who need it. At the same time make some good friends along the way.


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