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What is S.E.I.P.S?
S.E.I.P.S (South Eastern Idaho Paranormal Society) is a group of like-minded individuals interested in discovering the truth behind the paranormal. We perform a series of scientific tests to prove or disprove a haunting. Our purpose is to help people who believe they have paranormal activity going on in their home or place of business and to find alternate explanations to the phenomenon.

Are ghosts real?
You might think that a paranormal investigative group would answer with a resounding "Yes!" but you'd be surprised to find that some of our investigators are pondering this question as well.  Ghosts have been a concern of man since the dawn of time. Every civilization that has ever existed has stories of spirits and hauntings. Even in this new age of science and technology we are only finding more hardcore evidence that the spirit does continue on after death.   However, we do not believe that every claim of paranormal activity is legitimate—even in this information age the topic of the paranormal is still surrounded by superstition.

What is a ghost?
There are many different types of spirit activity. A “ghost” may be nothing more than a memory that replays itself over and over again. It has no knowledge of your existence—it is simply an imprint left in time. The theory behind this is that when a place has experienced a high concentration of energy, that energy leaves a mark on the location, and so you are seeing nothing more than residual energy recreating the event that gave birth to it.  Many call this type of ghost a Residual Haunting.

For those who believe that ghosts are the spirit energies of the deceased, the term “spirit” is often used to describe an intelligent being. It can think for itself and act according to its will. It is believed that spirits are the remnants of a deceased human, while a demon is an inhuman spirit who has never had a body.  Many believe it is possible for a demon to disguise itself as a deceased human (such as a small child) to gain sympathy from the living so that it is invited into the home. It is also possible that a human spirit can be malicious and evil but not a demon. A few ways of knowing the difference: spirits are usually attached to a place while demons attach themselves to people, demons can get into your head but spirits cannot, demons try to possess bodies and ruin relationships (they feed off negative energy) while spirits usually don’t have this type of power—they can move things, communicate, and they may feed off negative energy but a spirit usually only has unfinished business, a message, or a secret to keep hidden.

How do I know if my home/business is haunted?
First off, you can do research into the stories you have heard and see if there is any validity to them. Secondly, you can perform your own investigation on your home/business to gather evidence of your haunting. Tips on conducting your own investigation can be found here. Lastly, trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable and frightened in your own home or while working then it’s a sign that something is wrong. Chances are you’re not crazy and other people may be feeling the same things you are. Talk to others about your experiences; see if anyone else has experienced the same things. If you’re just having strange feelings then have an electrician come in and check the EMF (electromagnetic field) in you home/business. If you’re only hearing bangs and bumps in the night then have a plumber come and check the pipes. However, if you hear voices, see apparitions, or have objects moving then conduct your own investigation. If that doesn’t work out, then call in the professionals to conduct a full investigation.

Can I perform my own investigation?
Of course you can! You don’t need fancy, expensive equipment to catch paranormal activity. Click on the "Is My House Haunted?" link in the left column to learn more.

If S.E.I.P.S. investigates my home/office, what can I expect?
The investigation would include the following activities:
• Flash & infrared photography
• Video taping
• Audio recording
• Temperature, Radiation and Electromagnetic readings

We will be using standard, safe equipment including cameras, camcorders, digital voice recorders, thermometers, compasses, 2-way radios and flashlights.

This would be a purely scientific investigation focused on collecting data. S.E.I.P.S does not use mediums or psychics and we do not utilize any non-scientific tools to investigate because there is no way to prove evidence gathered with these methods. We make no noise other than conversation at a normal volume. We have great respect for others' property and will take great care when working, leaving the property exactly as we found it.

What can I do to get rid of an unwanted spirit?
Most people tend to turn to religion, but that’s not the only way. If a spirit has unfinished business or a message to send then you can try to help them with their mission. However, the line of communication is thin between our realm and the spiritual one so that may not be possible. Sometimes simply telling the spirit that they are not wanted and that they need to leave may make the situation better (however, it can also make it worse).

It’s different for each individual case. For instance, if you have a ghost (or residual haunting) then there is nothing you can do about it. They don’t know you’re there and it’s nothing more than a memory replaying itself. If it’s a demon you’re dealing with then you might want to contact a Catholic priest or other religious figure-head (regardless of your religious beliefs). But if your are dealing with an intelligent spirit then it all depends on what they want. The one thing people don’t realize is that by being scared you’re giving it more power and control. Remember, this is your home/business and you need to take control of it. Faith in your own power over it is usually all that’s needed to get rid of an unwanted visitor. The key is remaining confident, strong, and unwavering in your demands.

Can a spirit hurt you?
Reports of a spirit harming someone are very rare.  In homes where objects are being moved, sounds are being heard or people are feeling touched the term "poltergeist" is often used.  Some believe that a spirit is not able to affect our material world, meaning it can't move things or touch you.  Many feel that a poltergeist is actually caused by electromagnetic fields, static electricity, ultrasound, infrasound, or air that has been ionized.  Others think that we, the living, may be causing these poltergeist-like phenomena with untapped abilities in telekinesis.  Often there is a teenager or someone under unusual stress that this activity seems to center around.  Getting this person medical help to ease the stress often eliminates the "haunting".

Many believe in demons and feel that a demon most certainly can hurt you.  Please know that it is very unlikely that you have a demon in your home unless you’ve been dabbling in the occult. If you feel you may have a demonic presence we are here to find you help from someone who has experience in demonic hauntings.

Can ghost really be detected with scientific equipment?
Theoretically speaking, yes. This all depends on whether or not the most popular theories about paranormal investigation are true. For instance, if a spirit really does let off high amounts of energy then it can be detected through EMF. If a spirit really does absorb heat around it to manifest then there would be cold spots around the area that can be detected with a thermometer or a thermal energy camera. Lastly, if spirits do communicate in a way that can be captured on audio equipment but not by our own ears then it is possible to capture their voice during an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session.  S.E.I.P.S. believes that not only can you catch paranormal activity through science but that you can also disprove certain activity by using it.

These questions obviously don’t answer each case individually, so if you have a question that is not addressed please submit it here: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will answer it as quickly as possible.

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