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Gems & Crystals
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Written by Micki Garcia, Guest Speaker   
Tuesday, 17 February 2009 13:49
Stones have not only been noted for their beauty , but some also believe stones process qualities that can help ones self, not only with everyday issues, but also spiritual.

Clear Crystal ClusterClear Crystal Cluster:
A clear crystal cluster, with tiny shards surrounding the inner parts of the stone.  Used not only for its use in mediation and healing but also known for the ability to rid of negative energy. When placed through out a home, this stone has been noted for its ability to cleanse and secure the home or room from such negative energies.


AmythystAmethyst crystal:

Also known as an "Angel Crystal:.  A deep purple toned stone, sometimes also in a color of pink . One of the more powerful stones to rid a home of negative influence, is also known for its ability to provide focus, spiritual awareness and wisdom. When placed under a pillow, this stone is said to prevent insomnia and night mares.  To wear an amethyst is helps one get in touch with their intuition and spiritual awareness. This stone helps the wearer to develop their psychic awareness.

Clear Crystal QuartzClear Crystal Quartz: Also known as the poor mans diamond.  This stone comes in a variety of colors, each holding its own value. The clear quartz, is best known for the ability to amplify other stones and their abilities, for this, the quartz is known as the " Stone of Power". Quartz is also said to encourage the clarity of mind, and improve perception and intuition.  This stone is also used to enhance the spiritual side, reminding ones self they too are a spiritual being. All spiritual pursuits can be enhanced using this stone. Also known to stimulate psychic perception.


Also known as Apache Tears.  Best known for its strength, not only used in meditation but also used for making weapons in early times such as arrow heads and knives. The black stone , when placed in a room wards off evil, leaving a room with a sense of peace. When worn, used as a protector, keeping the wearer safe from depression and harm. Helps the person to rediscover forgotten abilities.



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