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Spirit Attachments
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Written by Heidi   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010 13:12
Recently, we have had some inquiries about spirit attachments.  This has also become an issue in my family since a chiropractor has started working with my sisters on it. First of all to clarify, there is a big difference between possession and attachment. In possession, the entity has full control, require permission and the host (person) may not remember his actions during the possession. In attachment, the entity is an influence only-- does not have control, does not require permission, and the person may or may not be aware of its presence.  Attachment is like having a friend, or enemy, beside you constantly whispering things to you. He doesn’t have control over you though sometimes it may feel like it.
There are many ways to get an attachment.  First of all, it’s not really your choice. The entity gets to choose. Just like you choose your friends and objects—the entity gets to choose who or what or where it wants to “hang with”.  “Good” people and bad people get them. An entity may choose you for the same reasons one would choose friends—looks, emotional status, current situation, anger, joy, and sometimes seemingly for no reason at all. You get to choose where you are, so do they. Also, many of the websites refer to an opening in your energy field. When you have an opening in your energy field, you are more susceptible to attachments. Your energy field can be punctured or torn by stress, trauma, emotional stress, depression, addictions, or just excessive negativity.
Their intent—same as yours, looking for friend, influence, control, respite from whatever they have been going through or have gone through, and yes, some want to cause pain and some just want attention and love. The gal who emailed us from northern Idaho, was saying that a lot of the activity that she and others around her have experienced were things such as items being misplaced or thrown, lights and other electrical equipment be turned on and off. I explained to her that in our research, it sounds like the entity might be a poltergeist or a child. An entity not seeking harm but attention, not intending to scare but just being mischievous and/or playful. She said that this made perfect sense, knowing what her own kids are like. She also says that she does not feel threatened, just creeped out. I also asked her if she had had a miscarriage because, often times, a woman who has had a miscarriage will continue to feel a child’s presence for years afterwards.
Preventions—Well, the obvious one is maintain strength in your faith. Faith takes maintenance, so work on it. Another big one that is less thought of is self awareness. Know who you are and what you like and don’t like so that when something starts to influence you, you can recognize it and not let it. This is also referred to as centering and grounding yourself. Knowing yourself will also give you a better idea of what changes may occur when your energy field is being stressed, and what to do about it. What to do about it is also called at home therapy— it can be reading a book, watching a show, taking a bath, running around in the rain, or playing in the mud—basically anything that induces positive thinking and feel-good emotions.
Also, in the event of trauma, emotional stress, depression and addictions, accept help! Talk things through with a friend or counselor. Accept assistance and support from positive influences until you are more at peace. The longer you ignore a problem the worse it gets. You cannot fix a problem if you will not admit that it is a problem, that is, again, part of self-awareness.
Detection—Sometimes a simple and sudden attitude change or paradigm shift are good enough signs that you are being influenced. Of course the simplest way to detect that is self awareness.  Some people use crystals and pendulums to detect spirits and their intentions. Sometimes a friend will point out how different you are acting. Before you go to a professional to be “cleansed” you may want to know for sure that that is what is going on but just the suspicions should be enough for a person to start regaining their faith and following through with most of the advice listed above.
What to do when you have an attachment—DON’T PANIC!!! It can be very creepy to discover that something is following you around that you cannot see, or cannot see all the time. Fear will cause or increase a hole in that energy field, making you more open to more and other kinds of attachments. Fear will also make a negative entity more strong and visible, and can turn a benign poltergeist or child into a frightened, or threatened terror. How do you react when you feel threatened or afraid?   
Aside from the prevention techniques mentioned above, which are also good for getting rid of attachments, talking can help a lot. Talking to the entity and giving it a name can relieve some stress and make is less scary. Fear of the unknown is what usually creeps us out the most. By giving the entity a name, we are familiarizing ourselves with it, taking out some of the unknown and relieving our own stress. Many entities may not know that they are dead, if it is human or animal, so explaining to them what has happened and where to go may be all they need.
If you do feel threatened or you feel like it is a negative entity intending to frighten or cause harm, stronger techniques may be required. I know of no religion that does not have a way of battling with attachments. Wiccans, Christians, Jewish, and the other major religions all have methods for detaching a threatening spirit. Outside of religions, holistic chiropractors, who specialize in healing the whole soul not just the back, know some spirit releasing techniques. There are also many mediums and websites that specialize in it as well. The problem with going with someone outside religion is running the risk of getting someone who does not know what they are doing, or scams. Below are a few websites I found to be helpful to creating this document.
So, spirit attachments are different from possessions, not really in your control but are detectable and manageable, in one way or another. If you start to have a change in moods or attitude, check yourself and ask, is that something I would normally do or what could be influencing me to be so different?
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